Social Recruiting

Social recruiting uses networks like Facebook to reach and recruit job seekers as well as candidates who are not actively seeking posts, but are good fits. Find the right talent, at the right time and fill the vacancy fast.

Social recruitment capitalizes on current digital trends

More people than ever before use social media. The divide between mobile and desktop is disappearing as people use multiple devices to connect, shop and job hunt. Global Refer’s platform enables you to capitalize on this digital turn, and reach applicants via Facebook on desktop or mobile, who are an excellent fit for your job vacancy.

Why are social employee referrals the best way to hire?

Scouting new talent for a job opening via your own network of employees or associates should be every company and recruitment agent’s first step, because referred applicants are cheaper to source and faster to hire. Often candidates in your extended professional network are pre-vetted, resulting in a strong hire and fit.

You’ll hire candidates faster than traditional job listings

Recruiting talent is quicker via social referrals because people share job adverts fast on social media, especially when there are financial incentives. An additional benefit is how this approach streamlines the application process: You won’t have to scan through countless CVs received in response to static job listings.

You’ll spend less time & money on finding the right candidate

Advertising for a new position takes up a lot of time and money. Time is spent loading your advert to different platforms and channels, most of which cost you a fee. Social recruiting relies on referrals from your social network, and while you are still paying a reward to those who were involved in sending the successful candidate your way, it’s still costs you less than advertising would.

You’ll retain skilled employees longer

Research has shown that applicants acquired via referral tend to remain in their placements longer due to better quality of fit. If you’ve ever asked friends or family if they know a suitable candidate for a vacancy, you’ll know that the pre-vetting element of this process does produce higher quality applications.

You’ll onboard new candidates quicker

Referred candidates usually know someone who is familiar with your company’s culture, someone who will help them adjust to their new working environment smoothly and become a productive contributor to the team fast.