Social Recruiting is Smart Recruiting

Hire top talent quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our platform lets you recruit new talent through Social Media, at the click of a button.

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Create. Share. Track. Reward.

Create & Share

Turn employees or your own social network, into recruiters! Create the job listing and share, then sit back and wait for the perfect candidates to apply.

Track Applications

Monitor performance and get relevant insight into who employees are connected to, and which of your own employees are your best recruitment agents.


Offer your social network a reward for finding the right candidate for the position advertised. You’ll reach quality talent faster, spend less, and build your brand.


Performance monitoring

Monitor real-time job ad performance by viewing the ad statistics in the dashboard. This will tell you how many views, shares and applications every job ad has received.

Contact lists

Create or import and manage contact lists so that adverts can be sent to specific groups to share.


View all the applicants' CVs and make contact. Your inbox is centralised and convenient way to communicate with applicants. You can upload application forms and other additional documents effortlessly.


Schedule appointments and interviews easily through the calendar feature.

User manager

Create additional user accounts under your profile, should you have colleagues involved in the hiring process while granting access levels to each user.


Manage applications in your pipeline from initial application to interview sequences, reference checking, testing, placing job offers and signing contracts.

What our customers say

Global Refer is a technological gem! A truly unique service in a Quickly changing industry!

The power of social media is no longer up for debate and we believe this service is keeping up with that trend, whether you’re recruiting in bulk or you’re looking for a highly skilled individual. The notion that you can find your candidates through sharing a simple ad is actually quite incredible! The numbers quickly pile up; we went from one ad being shared all the way to several 100 applications within hours!

Besides the vast ability to almost immediately capture the attention of such a large audience, the application alone is incredible; the system becomes a one stop shop for a recruiter, as you have access to so much information, you can schedule interviews, reject candidates, make offers etc!

The team at Global Refer are also very helpful; they hold your hand throughout your campaign, making sure you really get the most of their system. We will Definitely use Global Refer for future campaigns.

The Afrihost recruitment team!
Afrihost, South Africa


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