Company Logo
Upload your Logo to Your Profile. Your company logo will appear on every job ad you share on social media. Think brand awareness!

Manage Users
Create unlimited user accounts and see progress on all job openings.

Create Contact Lists
Create or import contact lists and send ads to specific groups of people for maximum impact.

Post job adverts to Facebook groups you manage
To share the ad on Facebook, click on the option “Share to News Feed or Story”. Then share it in your newsfeed, on a friend’s timeline, or in a group you manage.

Communicate with applicants directly through our platform, keeping your recruitment communications separate from work emails.

Use our calendar feature to schedule appointments with job applicants and send them the exact Google Maps location from the platform.

View CV’s and supporting documents uploaded by applicants - all in one place. You can also attach documents such as application forms for the applicant to fill in and submit.

Create a shortlist of candidates from the CVs received, reviewed and relevant.

Keep track of scheduled interviews and reference checks, issue job offers and sign contracts for each applicant.

Auto accept/reject
A simple ‘accept/reject button allows you to notify applicants individually. Every applicant is auto rejected after 30 days from when the advert was posted unless you accept an applicant which will automatically auto-reject all other applicants. You have the option to change the pre-written default response to shorter time period and can manually reject non-successful candidates.

Keep CVs, applications, and all communication between you and the applicant – stored and retrievable forever.

The dashboard makes managing job ads and applicants simple and easy. Track the number of views, shares and applications you have received for all your job posts. Click Statistics to see the individual stats for each ad.

Applicant tracking system
For every successful hire, click on the reward button to see the referral chain that led to it. This makes it super easy to pay rewards.