How Global Refer Works

Sign up, share, wait

Global Refer offers an easy way to sign-up, create a job ad and then share it to your network on Facebook. Our platform offers you a branded page with all the job specs as well as the reward you are prepared to pay for whoever helps you find the perfect candidate for the position.

Why is our social hiring platform effective?

The time it takes to create and share an ad is negligible compared to the reach it will get from your employees or social network. An ad can literally be seen hundreds of times in the first few minutes, which increases your chances of finding the perfect candidate for the position advertised. The costs saved, not just on advertising the position, but in time saved is well worth the change in strategy you use to find new talent.

How does reward payment work?

If a single referrer finds the match, they get the whole reward. When there is more than one referrer, the final referrer gets half the reward and the other half is split between previous referrers who also shared the ad. Giving the final referrer the bulk of the reward ensures there is strong incentive to keep sharing.

What is Global Refer’s application tracking system?

This feature shows who potential candidates are connected to. It enables you to monitor who among your employees or recruitment network refers the most applicants. You can also use it to monitor reward distribution.