Application Tracking System

Unclog your inbox and avoid chaotic Excel spreadsheets

In-house HR teams and recruitment agents need to keep track of the hiring processes, measuring the effect of each ad they place, as well as tracking the recruitment process. With Global Refer, this becomes unneccessary! Our tracking system places applicant monitoring in one user-friendly interface.

Simplify the recruitment process with automated tracking

When you advertise a job vacancy through Global Refer, your ad will be tracked by our system automatically. Each time a job candidate clicks on the reply button on your ad and submits their application, a unique code specific to that referral is created and stored. This makes it easy to track individual applications from your user dashboard.

The dashboard: Your entire recruitment process in one place

From your dashboard, you can see exactly how many employees have shared your job and where they shared it first. These shares are labelled ‘first shares’. Alongside first shares, you will see how many people viewed your job and how many applied. If you’re managing a team of recruiter-employees, this enables you to see who your best recruitment agents are.

Use insights to improve your recruitment process

Use the insights from the tracking system to determine who within your network is the best person to share certain jobs. An employee who is consistantly the source for diversity appointments, for example, can be given this type of vacancy to share by default.

Use groups to batch share or personalize individual invites

You can create groups of employees to automatically assign certain job types to share. Alternatively, send individual employees personalised invitations to share with custom invite messaging.

Track job adverts after employees have shared them

Once an employee or associate shares a job opening, it appears on their Facebook wall. Members of their network can either apply (if they are viable candidates), or share the post (for potential reward) with their own network. This creates a continuous line of referrals. Applicants can respond to your ads with a click and upload their CVs and other supporting documents securely and fast. This entire process is tracked. You’ll know who shared what, when, and who applied as a result.