Women in the workplace

Undoubtedly, women have come a long way in the fight for equality – from the very recent spotlight shone on the #Metoo movement, to championing the causes and issues surrounding gender equality, women have proven to be as inspirational as they are resilient. Not only are they leading in areas of political interest, they're also leading the in the boardroom and showing the world why female hires are oftentimes, the preferred choice.

According to selectinternational.com; in 2015, women represented around 47% of the total work force. The month of August brings with it the celebration of women. "We thought that there is no better time than now to celebrate women by providing you with quick facts on why hiring a woman actually works in your favour," says Miguel da Silva, Chief Information Officer at local social recruitment company, Global Refer.

  1. Improvements in productivity and innovation
    There is increasing evidence that the co-existence of men and women in the same environment accounts for more creative teams; so diversity across the gender gap is key to the organisations of the future.
  2. Better team dynamics
    Women possess the skill to unite people and inspire team mates to deliver effective work as a unit. This asset favours harbouring harmony and unity in teams, furthers participation and optimises the decision-making process.
  3. Multi-tasking magic
    We don't have to say much here as women are known to juggle multiple roles at the same time and deliver with ease. Hiring a women means faster, smarter work outputs which mean bigger financial turnovers for the company which hires them.
  4. A calmer, more balanced work environment
    Women bring with them greater empathy and appreciation for team members as, they are more focused on the individual and their unique needs.

So there you have it, four reasons why we salute women in the boardroom. Happy Women's Month to all the amazing women who are showing South Africa how it's done, from all of us at Global Refer.