The future of the workforce

Why adaptability is the new buzzword.

Not too long ago, many working professionals feared for their jobs given the progressive strides modern technology was making in advanced computing. There was talk of even machines replacing a person's job role at work. It was a scary and precarious time for much of the workforce no doubt.

Enter 2018. While those fears of past years have died down, there is definitely a move towards working smarter. Adaptability is the new buzzword often heard across locations, from boardrooms to the bar. It certainly is more fun to be a working professional in 2018. Remote access for example, means that you can skype into a meeting without having to travel too far from either your home office or, place of work for that matter. This simply means that old mind-sets must change if we are to work better at our jobs and, in effect, make a smoother transition into the way most of the world does business. Adaptability should also not be a word restricted to work performance only but, it should also be the new attitude we adopt when making new hires.

Given the changing face of the workforce, social recruitment means that you have access to large, niche pools of professionals which means quick hires with minimal effort and red tape. Social recruitment was previously only available in an international context. With the recent launch of social hiring company Global Refer, the South African job hiring industry has been given a new lease on choice and smart hiring.

One of the ways South Africa can help curb unemployment is to make best use of the skills the country possesses and hire smarter. The country as its stands, contains talent and skills which have been untapped so far. There are multiple reasons for this though one specific hole is that the hiring industry doesn't hire smartly. In days gone by, there have been hires based on ‘truths' put down on paper by people who actually shouldn't have been hired for the position advertised.

That famous saying from the eighties ‘it's not what you know, it's who you know" has never been truer in this present age. Being connected to the correct connections on social media could land the ideal candidate, the ideal job. Quick, quality wins are now possible with use of Global Refer's online recruitment tool.

The platform offers the client a branded page with all the job specs and the remuneration you are prepared to pay to whoever helps you find the perfect candidate for the position. With the help of a built-in tracking system, you can reward the person whose referral clinches a new appointment. This incentive motivates your network, whether you're an in-house HR professional or a private recruitment agent – to find the best possible candidate. The tool ensures that the recruiter connects with the correct talent pool. Even if your immediate network is not connected to the right candidate, their extended networks might be. This means that the talent pools become more niche and accurate. The advert will also be seen by passive candidates that are not necessary looking.