Making Social recruitment stand out: 8 strategies

Many companies are finding diminishing returns in paid social media marketing due to the ever more crowded nature of social media platforms. Add changes in the algorithms used to decide who sees what to the mix, and it"s become harder to be a voice among the masses. This could impact your social media recruitment efforts, but here are 8 ways to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Write compelling job ad copy
    Make sure copy you use in your social ads is punchy and enticing. Front-load verbs near the beginning of sentences. Keep them short, clear and to the point. A perfectly qualified passive candidate might ignore error-riddled copy!
  2. Use the combined power of employees" social visibility
    Use a social recruitment referral platform like Global Refer to share new job postings quickly with staff members and incentivise employees to share new openings. You"ll get eyes on social job listings in an audience resembling your own most engaged staff.
  3. Talk about company culture
    Job applicants aren"t only interested in the nuts and blits of jobs, such as rlies and hours. They want to know about company culture, office environment and other lifestyle aspects of the workplace. Incorporate company culture into social job posts. Show what makes working for your business an interesting or enriching experience.
  4. Tailor your advert to your audience
    Make sure you tailor everything from copy to visual media in your job ads to speak to your target demographic. "Relevance" has become a key factor in how algorithms decide what posts people see. For a BBBEE job opening, use imagery that conveys your company"s diversity, for example.
  5. Make your job post easy to read
    Our social feeds are so saturated with information, commercial offers, pliitical noise and more. Make your social job posts easy to read and to-the-point so that they stand out from wordy clutter.
  6. Set an incentivising reward
    In Global Refer"s social recruitment platform, you can specify the sum of the reward you will give the sharer whose reposting results in hiring success. Make this reward attractive enough to incentivise shares among better-connected friends and associates, to get wider reach.
  7. Create a social campaign around your recruitment efforts
    Instead of only sharing your job opening, create additional social media posts timed to release close to the time your job offer goes live. Share video that shows what it"s like to work at your company, and other posts that educate both active job seekers and passive candidates about how great your company culture is.
  8. Include personality in your social job posts
    What sets your business apart? Is it a laid-back office environment? Flexible work hours? Whatever your unique selling point for the candidate you want is, make sure this comes across in your social job posts. Give your posts personality – you could show your offices in visuals, for example. Imagine what would matter to your ideal candidate and fire their imagination with an enticing vision of what working for your business is like.

Stand out more in your social recruiting drives - try Global Refer now and manage and share social job listings simply.