How Social Media Influencers Connect Businesses to People today

The social media landscape has evolved in many ways since websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram first appeared. One phenomenon the digital era has brought is the 'social media influencer' – a celebrity or noteworthy figure who has a large following attributed to their followers' interest in (or curiosity about) their personal 'brand', their public voice.

Why Social Influencer Marketing has Grown Big

Many businesses have formed promotional partnerships and sponsorships with social influencers. It gives an easy way to reach a wider network. It connects business with people whose interests and lifestyle aspirations align to what they offer.

In South Africa, influencers such as radio host and TV personality Bonang Matheba (who has over a million Instagram followers), have partnered with big brands such as Revlon Cosmetics and Ipanema footwear. Other local influencers such as the recording artists Cassper Nyovest and SuzelleDIY have also used their large followings and platforms to promote businesses wanting to connect to diverse, trend-conscious audiences.

Influencer marketing's future role connecting businesses to job candidates

Although influencer marketing has focused more on connecting businesses and the average person for retail purposes, social influencers could also come to play a big part in social recruitment in years to come. Like influencer marketing, social media recruitment relies on using the connections we already have so we can reach relevant people, faster.

Social recruiting – finding the best candidate for a job vacancy by sharing job posts on social media – fits the wide reach and powers of persuasion that social media influencers have. What's more, many businesses don't necessarily want 1 million applying to job listings, so businesses can partner with smaller influencers who have smaller followings (up to 100 000 followers) to give job vacancies a visibility boost without spending as much on acquiring shares that have decent clout.

Of course, it's not only celebrities who are influential on social media. Many businesses have employees who are active and well-connected on social media even if they are not nationally (or internationally) famed. Businesses who use Global Refer's social recruitment system tap into this connectedness, using a similar principle to influencer marketing. Employees are given job openings to share with their networks, and people whose shares lead to successful placements are given rewards.

In social media recruitment, like big brand influencer marketing, there is a quid pro quo. In exchange for using their power and voice, their digital platform, to assist HR placement targets, employees gain motivating rewards that help them to get involved in building strong, skilled teams. If you need an effective social recruitment system that enables you to find the right candidate for a vacancy fast, try Global Refer now.