7 reasons you should use social recruiting for big business

Social recruiting has become a popular way to hire new talent. Even larger businesses that have more budget for HR purposes can benefit from using social recruiting.

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Get greater reach

    Larger businesses that already have large Facebook followings are in a prime position to reach many potential job seekers, fast.

    Social recruiting works exponentially: For each person in your network who shares your vacancy ad, there are many people in their own circle who may do the same, thus having the potential to reach large volumes of qualified candidates, fast. This includes active candidates (actively seeking employment opportunities) and those who may not be seeking a new post right now but could be open to your position.

  2. Engage employees in the hiring process

    Big businesses that have large workforces have an existing pool of first promoters who can help to get more eyeballs on job postings.

    Giving employees incentives to share ads with their networks means you can potentially reach thousands with your vacancy in a matter of only days.

  3. Activate and engage your existing followers in the hiring process

    Many companies have high numbers of page likes. Yet what really shows social proof is how engaged your follower base is.

    When you share job vacancies to your social media pages and give followers an incentive to share to friends who may be interested, you create a further relationship that can reactivate dormant followers who will keep adding social proof for your business by way of engagement.

  4. Show followers the distinctive identity of your brand

    In a crowded social media landscape, it’s important to stand out so that the best candidates notice your brand and think of it when looking for new work opportunities.

    Uploading a company logo will help to ensure that prospective applicants know which company they applying to even before reading the particulars of your job vacancies.

    Also remember to post updates to your Facebook timeline that show the human face of your brand, as most potential applicants will look further to gain an idea of company culture. Answer questions they may have indirectly, such as ‘What is it like to work for this company?’ or ‘What is its ethos and culture?’

  5. Find higher quality candidates

    Many companies struggle to find quality candidates during the recruitment process. Larger businesses often receive higher numbers of applications due to the prestige of working for a well-established company or household name.

    Social recruiting helps you sift through applications to find higher quality candidates. The simple fact they are using social media to find employment opportunities demonstrates tech-savvy capability, essential in the modern workplace. When you find candidates in your employees’ networks, many will have similar educational backgrounds and work ethics, too.

  6. Target vacancies more

    While smaller start-ups often have single employees fulfilling multiple roles, larger businesses tend to have more specialised roles filled by different people.

    This can be a problem when hiring due to requiring applicants to have a particular set of skills. Fortunately, social recruiting enables you to target candidates closely, making it easier to find the right professional who has the desired skill set.

  7. Shorten the time from ad to hire

    Social recruiting generally happens quicker than traditional hiring methods because of the fast reach of social sharing. For larger businesses that have complex operations and need to fill vacancies fast, this is a valuable added benefit.

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