10 Benefits of Social Recruitment

Social recruitment is easier. For one, its much easier to set up all your contacts in a single, central place where you can automate sending new openings to relevant, targeted parties. Interested parties whose own contacts have skills relevant to your job postings will share your job ads on social media, thus growing your ad’s reach quickly, in exchange for a share of the referral reward.

The Benefits

  1. Careers Page - Link your careers page to receive all these benefits for applicants you already generate through your own website. Send us an email and we will do the integration.
  2. Speed - Recruiting personnel often face mountains of paperwork. CV’s and job applications must be processed to pressing deadlines when a post must be filled. Social recruitment gets a lot of skilled eyes on your vacant position. fast and at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Better Fit - Recruiting personnel can harness the connections of their immediate network to find potential staff whom employees already know. This makes it easier to find and employ staff who fit your company’s brand culture, wasting less time and in the long-term less money.
  4. Reach - By sharing job ads via your connections’ Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, you’ll reach candidates you wouldn’t otherwise reach. These passive candidates aren’t hanging out on job bards, but often have skill sets to meet vacancies. Your contacts in specific industries will likely know professionals with similar niche experience, people they have worked or studied with. By posting on their Facebook profiles you unlock these passive candidates.
  5. Performance Monitoring - monitor real-time job ad performance by viewing the ad statistics in the dashboard. This will tell you how many views, shares and applications every job ad has received.
  6. Contact Lists - Create or import an manage contact lists so that adverts can be sent to specified groups to share.
  7. Inbox - With Global Refer’s social recruitment platform you can manage all CV’s and communication in one place. You can save your correspondence with applicants forever.
  8. Calendar - Schedule appointments and interviews easily through the calendar feature.
  9. Pipeline - Manage applications from initial application to interview sequences, reference checking, job offers and signing contracts.
  10. User Management - Create additional user accounts under your profile, should you have colleagues involved in the hiring process while granting access levels to each user.

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