About Global Refer

Every successful business needs a dynamic team to make amazing things happen - but how do you find them?

At Global Refer we make it our business to recruit the best available talent for your business. We’ll connect you to real professionals with unreal skills through our tried-and-tested social media referral network. No more slow service, bloated fees and employees that don’t fit your business - we’re busy changing the face of recruitment in SA.

Here’s how we work.

  • We market recruitment ads using social media magic.
  • Our ads flow through networks of dynamic people - just the kind of candidates your business is looking for.
  • The influence and power of social networks ensures that your advert has a broader reach, and a faster response from quality candidates.
  • Our goal is always the same: to match dynamic companies with candidates who are ready to roll.

Who we are

The Global Refer team is made up of two passionate members whose vision is simple - to change the way recruitment is done forever.


George Binikos is our CEO and Founder

A dynamic entrepreneur with years of experience, George was losing patience with slow, inefficient recruitment that cost a fortune - and he decided to mix things up and bring the costs down. George’s extensive business experience pushes Global Refer to new levels of efficiency every day, with his smart vision of an efficient, social media-driven smart recruitment platform for today’s business needs.


Miguel Da Silva is Global Refer’s Co-Founder and CIO

Miguel is an experienced systems engineer who has worked on major web-based projects as a head developer. If it’s online, he knows just how to make it buzz. Miguel’s web wizardry provides the tech edge behind Global Refer, making our business one of the most innovative in the HR and recruitment sector.


If you need amazing talent to take your business to the next level - let’s talk. Sign up for your FREE trial today and put our innovative system to the test. Smart people doing smart recruitment.